Let’s Talk New Year Resolutions

Let’s talk New Year resolutions.

Over the Christmas period, many of us relax our regimes and overindulge (a little too much). As the clock strikes midnight to welcome in the New Year, many of us step into January with determination to reset our routines. A new year, a new chapter! This is a great time to make some positive changes for a healthier 2020. If your New Year’s resolution is to focus on your health, beauty and wellbeing, then grab a cuppa and read our top tips.

Healthy Body, Healthy Mind

During the festive season, demand can often be high and pressure can soon pile up. Add in the stresses of juggling everyday life and we can be left feeling a little frazzled and overwhelmed.

Not only is frequent exercise vital for improving our health and fitness, but it’s also proven to have a positive impact on our general wellbeing. Each week, try to prioritise time to focus on your fitness. Whether it’s a brisk dog walk around the park, channelling your inner calm with yoga or trying your hand at a new gym class – make time for you and release those happy endorphins, you’ll soon notice a difference!

Wake Up Well

You may think your morning caffeine fix is the only thing that helps you through the day, but it could be what’s slowing you down!

Our bodies produce the stress hormone cortisol which is an essential component of your body’s cycle to help us wake up in the morning, and unwind at night. It’s highest in the morning and helps us to feel more awake. However, caffeine interferes with the production of cortisol, leading the body to produce less, therefore making mornings even more difficult!

Instead, why not replace your morning latte with a beauty-boosting lemon and hot water? Lemon is packed full of Vitamin C and benefits the digestive system by making the process of eliminating waste products and unwanted toxins easier. Your skin and body will thank you for it!

Break the Routine

Are you feeling stuck in a rut with your make-up? Have you been using the same shade of lipstick or eyeshadow, teamed with your trusty eyeliner for as long as you can remember? Why not challenge yourself to shake up your beauty regime and try something different this year.

From a bold new lip colour, a smoky eye to a brand new hairstyle, you’ll be surprised how even a small change can restore your wellbeing, leaving you feeling happier and more confident. Why not read our latest blog for the latest winter catwalk approved looks? Bold is the New Black

Hello Hydration

With the cold harsh weather, central heating and all those late nights, the festive season can really take its toll on your skin. These factors can be extremely dehydrating so it’s important to lock in the moisture to revitalise your complexion.

The first step to maintaining radiant, healthy looking skin is to gently exfoliate twice a week before showering to remove dull cells and unclog the pores from dirt and bacteria to prevent blemishes.

Introducing hyaluronic acid into your skincare routine is a sure fire way to lock in moisture, replenishing the skin for a dewy and radiant complexion. Simply add a few drops morning and evening after cleansing, before following with your favourite moisturiser.

Now we’re not just talking about beauty products… let’s get back to basics with the fabulous H20. Hydrate from within by drinking 6-8 glasses of water a day for improved health and wellbeing – your skin and body will thank you for it!

Go Organic

As a society we are becoming ever-more conscious of our impact on the environment and knowing where our food comes from, often opting for more local, organic and ethically sourced products. You may be more conscious of the food that you’re eating, but have you thought about the beauty products you’re using?

With ethical beauty, sustainability and the environment at the foundation of many of their products, we are proud to use products from leading spa brands, such as Caudalie, ishga and [ comfort zone ] throughout our spa and beauty treatments here at the Devonshire Spa. Many of these products, packed with natural, organic and effective ingredients, are also available to purchase from the spa, allowing guests to continue their relaxation from the comfort of their own home with luxury, conscientious beauty products.

Make Time for You

Following the hustle and bustle of the Christmas period, it is important to reset this January and make time for you.

When was the last time you really enjoyed some ‘me time?’ Whether you enjoy going for a walk to clear the cobwebs, reading a book or sitting down to watch your favourite soap, it’s important to set time aside for ‘me time’ each week. Be kind to yourself. Relaxation is so important, take time to unplug and clear your mind, reducing stress levels for a happier you.

For the ultimate relaxation and uninterrupted ‘me time’, why not escape to the sanctuary of the Devonshire Spa? You’ll not only have access to leading Spa products, techniques, and a brand-new collection of treatments, you’ll also receive an added boost to your overall health and wellbeing with regular use of our award-winning thermal spa facilities.

To find out more about the products and services on offer at the Devonshire Spa, call the team on 01298 338408.