Shine this September with Kissed by Mii

Don’t worry – summer isn’t over just yet, and what better way to enjoy the September sun than by achieving that perfect glow from head to toe. Say hello to autumn with a flawless tan, with a little help from Kissed by Mii. 

Summer may be coming to an end, but it doesn’t mean your tan has to. The perfect way to rescue that fading holiday tan? Top it up! Achieving the perfect tan can be a dull task and it’s often hard to get an even coverage. Say goodbye to patchy tans and become a bronzed goddess with the Devonshire Spa’s favourite Kissed by Mii tanning treatment. The nourishing benefits of seaweed and coastal flowers replenish your skin’s natural minerals and leave it sublimely soft so your tan can develop beautifully.

There are three steps you should take to guarantee a long lasting and brilliant tan. Exfoliate, cleanse and moisturise. Pre and post tan maintenance is essential to ensuring your tan stays even, glowing and beautiful for as long as possible! We offer a number of scrub treatments here at the Devonshire Spa, our favourite Signature Hammam Scrub is the perfect way to assure your skin is primed and prepped for our expert therapists to apply the Kissed by Mii tanning lotion. Choose the right lotion from a selection of tanning shades and relax as the tan is applied, even in those hard to reach areas!

Cleansing, pre-tan is vital. Making sure you have any traces of makeup, lotions and potions removed from your skin so the Kissed by Mii tanning lotion is properly absorbed. Finally, after your therapist has applied the tan, for up to 7 days post tan, moisturise liberally when you come out of the shower, to remove dead skin cells and to prevent your tan from drying up.

To book the kissed by Mii tanning treatment, a 60-minute tanning consultation and application with one of our expert therapists for just £55, call us on 01298 338408 today.