How to Look After Your Post Holiday Skin

Holidays are a time for you to relax, lying on the beach, enjoying the sun and enjoying a cocktail- or two! However, the combination of the extra sugar, alcohol, long flights and hours in the sun may very well take a toll on your skin, leaving you with unwanted breakouts and damaged skin.

 Read our top tips on looking after your post-holiday skin to keep it feeling nourished and maintain that summer glow for longer:


Even if you don’t feel it, chances are, you’re dehydrated. Drinking lots of water will aid your body and skin in its post holiday recovery.  Recovery from the inside out, not only will it help to flush out any toxins, but will also help your skin get back on track and gain all the natural moisture it needs. The NHS recommends drinking eight glasses of water daily to stay hydrated, especially if you’ve spent lots of time in the sun!


Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise! It goes without saying that this is the most important step in your post holiday skin recovery. Pay particular attention to any sunburn you may have developed whilst you were away- this delicate skin needs extra care. Apply aloe vera liberally over any sunburnt areas and don’t be tempted to start pulling at the dead skin when it starts to peel. The added moisture to your skin will leave it feeling rejuvenated and smooth, maintaining that summer glow for longer.


Rest is especially important if you’ve endured hours of flying, but even if not, getting a good nights sleep will give your skin the chance to recover and kick-start the natural healing process. The quickest way to a natural glow is to make sure that you’re well rested.

Go makeup-less

Letting your skin breathe will make sure that any breakouts or flare-ups are controlled. Try not to put your skin under any more strain once you’re back from your holidays and steer away from the makeup for a few days.

Eat right

If you’ve been living the all-inclusive diet and can maybe admit to having partied a little too hard, it might be time to take a little detox.

Ensure your diet includes lots of fruits and vegetables for the days following your holiday so that your body can get all the extra vitamins and minerals it needs to recover. The best foods to include are antioxidant-rich fruits to help heal your body.

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