Face It – There’s Power in Facials

There’s nothing quite like a professional facial to boost the radiance of your skin and spring is the perfect time to enjoy a deep clean and reveal a fresher complexion just in time for the new season.

When choosing a facial treatment, you should consider the overall condition of your skin and the lifestyle factors that affect your complexion’s hydration levels, smoothness and brightness at any given time. Your working environment has a lot to answer for – those who spend a lot of time outdoors can suffer from wind burn and dryness, and so would benefit from an intense hydrating treatment. And for those of you who are tucked away in the safety of an office, a deeply nourishing facial will help slough away dry skin caused by exposure to air conditioning and central heating.

Our skin constantly changes according to our health, hormones, stress levels, environmental factors, the season, age and diet, so it’s no wonder that a ‘one size fits all’ approach doesn’t really work when it comes to skincare.

The Devonshire Spa’s new facial treatments from Comfort Zone deliver a truly scientific approach. After all, the brand was developed by a cosmetic chemist, Dr Davide Bollati whose innovative approach to combining the best of scientific research with natural, holistic ingredients is renowned around the world.

This unique and pioneering ethos is a key factor in the Comfort Zone Face Immersion treatment, which offers a truly tailored approach to your skin’s personal needs. In fact, think of it as a personal shopper for your skin: one that knows exactly which products should be prescribed to boost its radiance and the techniques needed to deliver effective results.

After an in-depth consultation, your therapist at the Devonshire Spa will recommend the most suitable Comfort Zone Face Immersion experience for you and create a unique treatment using products from the range to suit your skin’s needs and your lifestyle.

Moisture Boost

For skin that’s dehydrated, crying out for moisture and lacks radiance, Hydramemory is an intensive treatment for the face, neck and decollete using innovative active ingredients including biomimetic fragments, hialuronic acid and marco hialuronic acid to restore brightness. This option is perfect if you work in an air-conditioned office or fly frequently as it offers deep hydration and helps to lift sagging skin whilst preventing the visible signs of ageing.

All Clear

Oily, stressed skin types have a tendency to become congested and unbalanced leaving the skin blemished and irritated. This purifying correcting Active Pureness facial incorporates a spirulina algae mask to reduce redness, draw out toxins, deep cleanse and provides a mattifying effect to the skin, leaving it looking and feeling fresh, bright and smooth.

Skin Soothing

Rebalance and soothe delicate and sensitive skin that has overreacted to the damaging elements of sun, wind and even central heating, causing the skin to feel prickly and tight. The Skin Remedy approach is a soothing facial that calms the skin and helps to protect it from further damage using products that are fragrance and silicone free.

Night Time Rescue

If you’re stressed, tired and anxious, the first place it will show is your face. Luckily help is at hand with this powerful anti-oxidant and vitamin-enriched Re-Night facial treatment which leverages the superfood goji berry – rich in vitamins and highly effective in repairing free radical skin damage and reinforcing the skin’s natural defences. The skin is left with a radiance that reflects a deep night’s sleep in a 60-minute treatment.

To find out more about the 60-minute Comfort Zone Face Immersion treatment at the Devonshire Spa, click here or call 01298 338408.