Discover [ comfort zone ] Sublime Skin Range

Having a skincare routine plays an important role in keeping your skin looking and feeling fabulous. As much as we all love the sunshine, the hot weather can dehydrate skin, so taking the time to protect your skin during sun exposure is vital to ensure your skin glows all summer long!

The [ comfort zone ] Sublime Skin range offers a unique combination of luxury and science, ensuring only the best goes into leaving your skin feeling the best it can be. Take a look at some of the Devonshire Spa’s favourite products from this fabulous skincare range.

[ comfort zone ] Sublime Skin Eye Patch

Do you have an important day ahead of you but your eyes are giving you away? Let the [ comfort zone ] Sublime Skin Eye Patch instantly wake you up. Brighten up your eyes with this innovative hydrogel mask. Enriched with peptides, your puffy eyes and dark circles will be instantly reduced, giving you a visibly brightened eye area. We recommend using this fabulous product weekly to keep your eyes fresh or use it as a special treatment if feeling tired.

[ comfort zone ] Sublime Skin Cream

Dull skin getting you down?  Add an extra dose of TLC to your daily routine to ensure your skin glows this summer. The [ comfort zone ] Sublime Skin Cream uses 89% natural ingredients, so so you can relax in the knowledge that [ comfort zone ] has your skin covered! For visibly nourished, compact and revitalised skin, apply the Sublime Skin Cream first thing in the morning and at night.

[ comfort zone ] Sublime Skin Serum

We all long for glowing skin in the summer, so why not treat yourself to a little luxury with the [ comfort zone ] Sublime Skin Serum.  This innovative and creamy formula will make a visible difference to your skin’s vibrancy, helping you achieve a luminous complexion that your friends will be envious of. To maximise results, apply to the face and neck morning and night.

[ comfort zone ] Sublime Skin Eye Cream

Let tired eyes be a thing of the past. Targeting dark circles, puffiness, wrinkles and lines, the [ comfort zone ] Sublime Skin Eye Cream unleashes a soothing action to brighten your eyes. Formulated with caffeine and other natural ingredients, continual use of this fabulous eye cream is designed to give your eye area a more youthful look. For best results, apply morning and night, patting the product gently around your eyes. Our top tip is to apply a small amount of eye cream under your eyes and pat from the corner, outwards, remember your under eye skin is very delicate so try not to rub!

To find out more about these products, or to discover more of the leading skincare and cosmetic brands we stock at the Spa, get in touch today on 01298 338408.