Meet the team:

Ewen Crilley

Hospitality Operations Trainer

Length of service with the Devonshire Dome
2 years

History of work
I’ve worked in various hotels around Scotland and the Hard Rock Café in Madrid. I spent a long time in Jersey working at Seymour Hotels, Hotel de France, Royal Hotel, Longueville Manor, plus aboard the P&O Oriana, Silverseas Silver Cloud, Hebridean Princess and Spirit. I’ve also worked for Punch Taverns, Marston’s Inns, I’ve owned my own small hotel, 2 pubs, a deli and an online website.

Favourite TV chef?
Marcus Wareing

Favourite dish?
Moules and Frites

Favourite restaurant?
Devonshire Arms in Beeley

What is your comfort food?
Grilled cheese sandwich

What is your favourite tipple and why?
Wine because there is a wine to complement every food and mood.

Why did you get into catering?
Initially to annoy my dad, although deep down, I enjoyed the comradeship and the buzz of service.

Why is it a good career to get into?
You can travel the world and get paid for it. Plus, it’s the only job that technology will never take over. People will always want to eat and drink and socialise. You will always need people to serve you.

Best career moment?
Opening my first business.

Served anyone famous?
Yes quite a few.

Favourite season?

Menu item suggestion?
Try everything. You cannot expand your palate or knowledge without tasting.