The Eyes Have It

It was William Shakespeare who said, “The eyes are the window to your soul” and we couldn’t agree more.

Whether it’s full lashes or a barely there style that you prefer, the most important part of any eye make-up regime is a healthy base, and because the skin around the eye is so fragile, it’s super important to use the correct products to ensure you don’t damage this delicate area.

The [ comfort zone ] Sublime Skin range includes a scientifically tailored Contour Cream, formulated with peptides, flavonoids, caffeine and aescin to provide a solid defence against wrinkles, dark circles and puffiness, so even if you feel tired, your eyes will say otherwise!

This nourishing formula makes eyes look younger and the skin around them appear more compact and smooth, leaving a great base for eye shadow and liquid liner to cling to, because let’s face it, spidery eye liner is a look that nobody can pull off!

For the days where an eye cream just isn’t enough, the Sublime Skin Eye Patch is just the thing. Whether it’s late night study sessions, babies that just won’t sleep, or things that go bump in the dark, sometimes external stressors have a way of keeping you awake, and your eyes are one of the first things to give you away!

This innovative hydrogel mask is enriched with peptides for immediate cosmetic action on tired eyes. Refreshing and cooling, this easy to use mask helps eyes appear visibly less tired, from the very first application.* It’s a fantastic weekly treat, especially if you’re burning the candle at both ends as we all do from time to time.

And if you’re looking for the ultimate indulgent treat to recharge those overworked batteries, the [ comfort zone ] Sublime Skin Facial is a 90-minute state of the art treatment combining Archi-lift™ technology with the renewing effects of a double peel for an instant re-plumping effect. Ideal for mature skin with visible signs of ageing, this firming facial stimulates cellular regeneration using the exclusive active lift massage techniques to smooth and tone skin.

Priced at £85, this treatment can be booked by calling the Devonshire Spa on 01298 338408.

* For 80% of the testing panel, puffiness appeared reduced and the eyes appeared visibly less tired, from the first application. Independent lab tests_panel of 20 people_for 30 days