Sun-Kissed by Mii

Why wait until after your holiday to get that sun-kissed glow? With the weather warming up, now is the perfect time to get that flawless tan without the dangers with a little help from the Kissed by Mii tanning range. Say goodbye to patchy tans and hello to the ultimate sun-kissed glow, straight from the bottle.

Exfoliate, cleanse and moisturise, these simple, yet vital steps help you to unlock a long-lasting, rich tan. The nourishing benefits of seaweed and coastal flowers in the Kissed by Mii formula replenish your skin’s natural minerals and leave it sublimely soft so your tan can develop beautifully.

Step 1 – Prepare your base

Exfoliating your skin is the most important process to achieving a flawless tan. Pre and post tan maintenance is essential to ensuring your tan stays even, glowing and beautiful for as long as possible. Whether you suffer from oily or dry skin, exfoliating removes excess oil and scrubs away dead skin cells to achieve a smooth surface for a successful tan application. We love the Seriously Smoothing Exfoliator because of its super-fine gentle exfoliator and the use of marine mineral extracts, ideal for both face and body.

Take your exfoliation to the next level with the Seriously Smoothing Exfoliating Gloves. This will leave you with supple, smooth and perfectly prepared skin before the application of your favourite Kissed by Mii tanning product.

Step 2 – Cleanse

Cleansing pre-tan is vital to ensure you thoroughly eliminate dust, dirt and residual make-up from the skin. A relaxing bath or shower with some of your favourite spa products is the perfect way to follow on from exfoliation and makes sure your skin is Summer fresh and ready for the next stage of the tanning process.

Step 3 – Moisturise

Finally, prior to your tanning application it is essential that you moisturise. We love the Seriously Smoothing Moisturiser due to it’s multi-benefit qualities. The product is light yet nourishing and super hydrating. Use it as a primer before tanning, you’re just one step away from achieving that Summer glow safely.

Step 4 – Sun-kissed by Mii

Once you’ve prepped the skin, it’s time to apply Kissed by Mii’s Effortlessly Easy Tanning Lotion.
Ideal for dry skin, this extra-rich moisturising lotion creates a flawless streak free tan in just 6-8 hours. Effortlessly easy, this lotion is perfect for first timers or sun-worshippers alike!

For an indulgent Summer pamper, why not treat yourself to the Kissed by Mii 60 minute treatment at the Devonshire Spa. A beautiful, nourishing tan with none of the dangers. Enjoy a luxury exfoliation and tanning treatment for just £30, or upgrade to include use of the award-winning spa facilities for £40.

For more information about the Kissed By Miss products or treatments we offer, call the Devonshire Spa team today on 01298 338408.