High Hygiene – How to Keep Your Beauty Regime Extra Clean

In today’s challenging times, when hygiene and cleanliness are of the utmost importance, we’ve put together some simple steps to help you keep your beauty regime extra clean.

By keeping our beauty regime as hygienic as possible, it can also help to keep our complexion clear – resulting in that flawless finish every time!

Wash Your Brushes

We all understand the importance of cleaning our face, but did you know that it’s vital that we regularly cleanse our make-up brushes and applicators too? Here’s how. Wet the bristles with lukewarm water and apply a few drops of a cleansing liquid (foaming cleansers are especially good for this job) or gentle baby shampoo. Gently massage the brush heads with your hand, rinse them thoroughly and shake, or gently squeeze, the excess water off there. Leave to air dry on a paper towel. Do this once a week – or more often if you can for a real deep clean.

What’s more, cleaning our brushes on a regular basis can also help to improve our complexion. By removing the build-up of bacteria from our brushes, we can eliminate the risk of blemishes, blocked pores and dullness, promoting healthy skin and resulting in a flawless finish to our make-up every time.

2. Keep Your Hands Clean

It’s common sense, but, when you’re putting your hands into product pots such as moisturiser, lip balms or body creams, make sure they’ve been properly washed and are completely clean and dry. Contaminated hands will only transfer dirt into the products, which will then be transferred to your face or body with the next use. To make sure your hands are properly clean, wash them for twenty seconds or more under hot water, making sure to lather up every bit of your hands. Be kind to your hands, don’t forget to finish off with a hand cream to rehydrate the skin and lock in moisture.

3. Keep your Hands Clean v2

Not only should your hands be clean when you’re putting them into products, but they should also be squeaky clean when you’re putting products onto them too. When applying any product to your face or body, contaminated hands will simply spread dirt and germs around your face, which can lead to blemishes, blocked pores and other skin problems, or make you ill. So scrub, scrub, scrub!

4. Sharing Isn’t Caring

Keep your beauty products to yourself. Because they come into such close contact with your face which – no matter how clean it is – they can very easily transfer dirt or germs onto brushes or applicators. And whilst they may not make you ill, they could quite easily make somebody else ill. Afflictions such as conjunctivitis or cold sores are very easily spread when sharing products so put simply – don’t!

5. Sharpen Up

Whether you choose the precise wing or the smoky and smudged look for your eyes, keeping your make-up pencils sharp helps you to achieve your desired look. Not only this, sharpening your eye and lip pencils before every use rids them of any bacteria that is sitting on the surface.

6. Reach for the Alcohol

Disinfect applicators such as eyelash curlers and tweezers with a disinfectant solution that contains isopropyl alcohol to keep your beauty products tip top.