Giving back to nature this Christmas… gifts that don’t cost the earth

Soulful, healthy and sustainable – looking and feeling good inside and out – is at the heart of our ethos and the mission of our award-winning Devonshire Spa.

It’s not just something which is limited to our ethically sourced spa based treatments, that balance of body, mind and soul can be enjoyed via our immersive range of homecare treatments making them the perfect gift this Christmas.

This year we’re taking that a step further with our festive giving – thinking about the gift and also the way it’s packaged and presented – ensuring that Christmas doesn’t ‘cost the earth’.

That’s because gift wrap often contains much more than simply paper – the treatment and additions to create the sparkle, colour and just the ease of folding means that much of it is not recyclable.

Taking a lead in this is [comfort zone]’s range, offering a wide collection of expert skincare to nourish, heal and repair, it is a perfect example of gifts good inside and out. As is fitting for the brand’s environmental values the [comfort zone] Christmas box packaging is made of sustainable materials. They work incredibly hard to ensure their products (and packaging) have a positive impact on people and the environment and have been named Best for the World in the 2018 Environment category by B-Lab.

As part of our Christmas Spa event in November, we offered a gift wrap service using sustainable plain paper and adding the festive glitz with ribbon and natural decorations.

So how can you give back to nature and keep your gifts beautiful inside and out…

  • Wrapped up warm and cosy: There’s a growing trend for using fabric in place of paper. It’s colourful, tactile and reusable! No tearing or ripping with tricky shapes and sizes either. It follows a Japanese tradition of wrapping with cloth called Furoshiki.
  • Winter wonderland: natural accessories such as pine cones, cinnamon sticks, rosemary dried orange slices and petals make eye-catching and fragrant additions to ribbon. Take inspiration from the variety of fragrances and ingredients in our range of spa treatments.
  • Roll it out with a bow on top! You can brighten up plain paper wrapping paper with creative use of natural twine and ribbon. It creates a rustic and classic look.
  • Make your mark: Ink stamps, little illustration and children’s drawings can add a very personalised and fun aspect to your gift wrap.  
  • Waste not want not: If you have small strips and sections of paper left over after wrapping a gift don’t throw them away. Go for a designer half and half look – or create a decorative band to wrap around the present over the top of some plain paper. You can also use them to add a bit of colour elsewhere by looping them to make pretty mini paper chains as decorations.

To find out more about the Christmas gift sets available at the Devonshire Spa, call our team today on 01298 338408.