Devonshire Dome Champions Sustainability with Buxton Roastery Partnership  

The Dome Café has boosted its commitment to sustainability and supporting the local economy by teaming up with local business, Buxton Roastery.

The Café, situated within the spectacular architecture of the Devonshire Dome, partnered up with the local business after hearing about the innovative and ethical ethos which underpins the products.

Buxton Roastery, which has its home at Harpur Hill Business Park, specialises in hand-roasted and ethically sourced speciality coffee which is directly/independently traded from the farmers and coffee-producing communities.

According to direct trade research, coffee is the second most traded commodity in the world after oil and can be traded at least 12 times before they reach our cup. Unfortunately, online a small fraction of the value reaches the farmers themselves.[1]

As a direct trade company, Buxton Roastery partner with farmers in Brazil, Ethiopia and Thailand. The beans are carefully grown and handpicked, delivering excellent quality and flavours and with individual coffee farmers are credited on each packet there’s full traceability.

​Richard Greensmith, Operations Manager at the Devonshire Dome, said: “Consumer trends are changing and people are increasingly interested in where products originate from and how they were grown and sourced.

“We like the fact that Buxton Roastery works directly with the coffee farmers, removing second, third and fourth parties. This ensures that the farmers get a fair price for their beans, enabling them to support their communities and invest in their local environment.

“We are really proud to start working with such a supplier who shares our sustainability ethos and we look forward to growing our relationship with the team at Buxton Roastery.”

Iain Keeling, Company Director at Buxton Roastery, added: “We are incredibly excited to be working with the team at the Devonshire Dome, not only does this support local business over the large corporate entities but also supports the farmers we work with. It is a fantastic opportunity to be able to talk to students about coffee sourcing and introduce them to farmers and show the importance of traceability in supply, this will have a hugely positive ripple effect as they become the next generation of restaurateurs and hoteliers.”

National award-winning Barista, Nat Denham from Buxton Roastery, trains the team at the Devonshire Dome to ensure that the coffee served is always perfect for customers.

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