Caudalie Sun Care: Safe for You, Safe for the Sea

We all know that SPF is a must when spending time outdoors, especially in warmer weather, but did you ever stop to consider whether it was safe for the environment?

Whilst good for your skin, sun-protecting chemicals in sunscreen has been found to be destructive and harmful to the world’s coral reefs. Acting as the “speed bumps of the ocean”, coral reefs help slow down the waves as they make their way towards the shore, helping to protect shorelines against hurricanes, cyclones and tsunamis, as well as providing food and shelter to a huge variety of plants and animals.

When holidaymakers spend time in the sea, damaging nanoparticles used in sunscreen get left behind in the water, reducing the coral’s defences against bleaching, along with damaging its DNA and future development. According to research, 14,000 tonnes of sun cream settles on coral reefs every year, which is why Caudalie is proud to launch a selection of the safest, broad-spectrum sun care products that ensure maximum protection with no disruption. The new range is free from nanoparticles and octocrylene – meaning safe for the skin and nature too.

Suitable for all skin types, this innovative range of sun care provides antioxidant protection to help prevent premature skin ageing and protect cellular DNA. Available in factors 30 and 50, the nourishing range includes facial sunscreen, as well as body oil and cream for all-over protection, helping you to achieve a long-lasting, radiant tan.

In addition to this, Caudalie has joined forces with Coral Guardian, a programme that restores and protects coral reefs. In 2019, more than 3,000 corals will be transplanted, restored and protected in Indonesia thanks to Caudalie’s support. You can find out more about this by clicking here >

To find out more or to purchase the range, drop into the award-winning Devonshire Spa, or call us on 01298 338408.