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Pro-Sleep Tranquillity Ritual

Sleep. We all need it, but some of us find it harder than others to get a full night of it.

If you suffer from insomnia or are a frequent traveller who often finds yourself in a different time zone, then the [ comfort zone ] Pro-Sleep Tranquillity massage therapy can help reprogramme your body and encourage a longer, deeper sleep at the right time.

This innovative massage technique acts on three sensorial pathways: olfactive (relating to your sense of smell), tactile and hearing for profound relaxation.

Using a combination of soft brushes and a unique blend of essential oils, this luxurious therapy gently relaxes the body and mind and helps create a quiet and peaceful state which helps those who find it difficult to drift off to sleep, or those who are suffering from jetlag get their forty winks.

Should you often be jetting away to different time zones and struggle to get the rest you need, or if you simply find it hard to get to sleep at a reasonable time, for a reasonable amount of hours, then a course of Pro-Sleep Tranquillity massage treatments will help you to achieve an overall feeling of balance and inner calm, which encourages you to enjoy a more regular and healthy sleep pattern.

The Pro-Sleep Tranquillity is available from the Devonshire Spa priced at £80 for one session, or for a limited time only, £250 for a course of four. Not only will this leave you in a super relaxed state, it will also leave you with cosmetically hydrated, silky smooth skin.

T&Cs: This treatment must be pre-booked by calling the Devonshire Spa on 01298 338408. The course of four treatments is available until August 31st, 2017 at a price of £250.