Your New Skin Regimen

Developed after a collaboration by        [ comfort zone’s ] skincare experts and a team of researchers, the Skin Regimen range is an advanced response to combat the effects of anti-ageing.

Skin Regimen is the ultimate holistic approach, backed by solid scientific research.  Comprised of facial serums, body scrubs, gels, creams and more, it’s a complete skincare collection designed specifically for mature skin and for those showing the first signs of anti-ageing.

We’re big fans of the Skin Regimen range here at the Devonshire Spa and have collated our top three products from this range:

The Duo Cleanser is a 2-in-1 cleanser and toner recommended for stressed, sensitive skin. Packed with natural ingredients such as chia, spinach and distilled orange water, it leaves an impalpable protective film on the skin. Leaving skin clean and revitalised, it’s a great way to begin your skincare regime.

The intensively moisturising Hydra-Pro Booster protects against the main factors that cause and accelerate ageing and is especially recommended during the summer months when exposure to the sun becomes more intense and frequent. Its super-hydrating properties leave skin feeling nourished and healthy.

The Juvenate Body Scrub is an intensive, creamy exfoliator infused with chia seed particles for skin rejuvenation, and which leaves the skin soft and fantastically velvet-like. Use just 2-3 times a week, paying particular attention to any dry or rough patches.

The complete Skin Regimen range is available to buy from the Devonshire Spa, and its product line is used extensively across the Skin Regimen treatments too.

The Skin Regimen Facial (30-minutes, £45) was designed to soften and smooth expression lines and wrinkles. Leaving skin fresher, more youthful and with a healthy, dewy appearance, it suits those with mature skin but can also be used to help combat the first signs of ageing.

The Skin Regimen Massage (30-minutes, £45) offers immediate and visible results to the skin. Incorporating the intensive exfoliation of the Juvenate Body Scrub, skin is left soft, smooth and supple. This treatment also incorporates specific Kabat massage techniques to offer a complete ‘gym for the skin’. (Find out more about that here).

Alternatively, to benefit from both these treatments, you can choose the Skin Regimen Ritual (60-minutes, £80) which incorporates the Skin Regimen facial and massage in one super relaxing treatment.

If you would like to find out more about the Skin Regimen range or would like to book a treatment, please call the award-winning Devonshire Spa on 01298 338408.