Three Foods That Work Wonders For Your Skin

It’s no secret that the [ comfort zone ] Skin Regimen product range works wonders on your skin. Backed by solid scientific research, the Skin Regimen range is a complete collection of facial serums, body scrubs, gels and creams that prevent early signs of ageing through moisturising the skin on a cellular level. Active ingredients such as spinach, microalgae, wild indigo and hyaluronic acid also work to reduce stress levels in the skin, leaving you with a healthy looking glow.

As well as keeping your skin nourished and protected with skincare products such as the [ comfort zone] Skin Regimen range, it’s important to remember to treat your skin right from the inside out.  Eating the right foods can have a huge impact on your complexion, so here are our top three anti-inflammatory foods that will keep you glowing from head to toe – they taste good too!

1. Tomatoes

Bursting with nutrients, tomatoes are a simple food that offers numerous benefits to your skin. Packed with Vitamin C, Potassium and Iycopane, this delicious fruit has anti-inflammatory properties which help to reduce puffiness in the skin. However you eat your tomatoes, make sure to eat them in plenty and your skin will reap the benefits! August is the prime time for tomatoes in the UK, so enjoy the extra juicy tomatoes on offer right on your doorstep.

2. Avocadoes

It’s no wonder avocados are in the superfood category. These delicious fruits are packed full of Potassium and Magnesium and contain a compound, which is known to reduce inflammation in the skin. Best used fresh, try adding smashed avocado on top of your next slice of toast or combine with tomatoes to make mouth-watering guacamole!

3. Olive Oil

This may seem like a surprising addition to a list of foods which are good for your skin, but olive oil is one of the healthiest fats you can eat! Our bodies need healthy fats in moderation so you’ll be glad to hear that you can get your daily dose whilst also helping your skin to look great! Oleocanthol is an antioxidant found in olive oil, which also acts as an anti-inflammatory. Easy to use in most cooking dishes, try swapping out your normal cooking oil for olive oil.

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