There’s Never Been a Better Time to Treat Yourself

From promoting healthier looking skin to encouraging a good night’s sleep, a spa day brings along many benefits. If treating yourself to a visit to the award-winning Devonshire Spa isn’t enough, here are our top reasons for booking a spa day today.


Reduce Stress and Anxiety
No life is without its stressors, and that’s no bad thing. A little bit of stress can push us to make a deadline, or achieve the impossible…but too much can have a negative effect on your physical and mental health. Massage is a great stress reliever as it re-directs your thought process to a more balanced state, and alleviates the tight muscles caused by tensing up in extended periods of stress. We recommend the soothing Oriental Devonshire Spa Signature Massage which is great for stress relief. Read more about the Signature range here >

Promote Healthier Looking Skin
From steam rooms to body scrubs, a Spa Day is packed full of skin-boosting benefits to help skin appear healthy and radiant. Our revolutionary Comfort Zone’s Skin Regimen facial treatment offers immediate and visible results beyond those of a traditional facial. Skin is renewed, restored, toned and lifted. Learn more >

Eliminate Toxins – Our Ishga Salt and Oil Scrub treatment is specially designed to stimulate circulation and eliminate toxins, leaving your skin nourished and rejuvenated. Say hello to glowing skin as the invigorating Hebridean ingredients gently exfoliates, sweeping away dull, dry skin. Our essence-filled sauna and traditional steam room are also great ways to remove impurities and give skin a healthy glow. The heat encourages you to sweat, which in turn, releases waste and toxins. Read more about the benefits of steam therapy here >

Encourage a Good Night’s Sleep
A good night’s sleep is glorious – but can often be hard to come by. Savour the soothing warmth of our award-winning thermal facilities before getting comfortable in our relaxation lounge. The calming music will transport you into a much more relaxed state and allow you to enjoy a much deeper sleep than you would if you went to bed stressed. If you really struggle to sleep, the [ comfort zone ] Deep Sleep treatment is a fantastic way to induce relaxation and aid a full, deep sleep.

Boost circulation
Circulation is the process which transports oxygen and nutrients to your body’s organs via the blood, so the better your circulation, the better your skin, organs and overall health will be. Any massage therapy is a great way to boost your circulation, but in particular we would recommend our bespoke Indian Massage, which is designed to specifically improve your circulation.

Promote a state of wellbeing
The holistic approach at the Devonshire Spa ensures that all guests are treated with their comfort and wellbeing in mind. There is a range of treatments which can be tailored to your specific concerns, targeting any problem areas such as stress and tension, leaving you fully relaxed, restored and revitalised.

Strengthens relationships
When you enjoy a Spa Day with a loved one, it gives you a great opportunity to reconnect, catch up and reinforce your bond. The peaceful surroundings and soothing spa facilities offer a great way to relax in each other’s company without the typical strains and stresses of everyday life tearing you away from each other.

Me Time
You needn’t be scared going solo on a Spa Day. Many people do! If you’re searching for a place to escape to which offers a welcome refuge and somewhere to recharge and reflect, then the sanctuary of the Devonshire Spa is it. No televisions, no mobile phones, and no outside distractions mean it’s the perfect place to sit and unwind, revelling in that all important alone time.

To find out more about our treatments or to book a day at the Devonshire Spa, contact our friendly team on 01298 338408.