Spotlight on Jessica Nails

As we rapidly approach the autumn months and the evenings draw shorter, you may start to notice changes in the appearance of your fingernails. The colder, wetter weather, coupled with the harsh effects of central heating can start to undo all the hard work you put into your beauty regime over the summer months, resulting in dry, flaky nails and painful cuticles. Great. Thanks weather!

The Devonshire Spa can offer a helping hand with a selection of recommended Jessica Nails products and treatments, so let the changing of the seasons inspire you to change its harmful effects.

The Jessica Nails range – available at the Devonshire Spa – has a wide range of nail and hand care products designed to enhance and maintain naturally beautiful looking nails all year round.

The company was established in the 1970s by Jessica Vartoughian who had attracted a cult celeb following after opening a number of nail salons across America. From this, she developed a collection of luxury nail and hand products, which now sell right across the world.

Its ethos is all about how gorgeous nail colour starts with the right foundation. Nails have their own biology, just like hair and skin. For the best care and the most beautiful outcome, nails require a studied approach that is similar to how a facialist cares for the skin. For every nail type and every problem, there is a solution which helps to achieve the most natural and beautiful looking nails.

Here at the Devonshire Spa, all our nail treatments are tailored to suit your personal preference. We use high-quality products from the Jessica Nails range with a wide selection of base coats to suit all nail types – the perfect solution to keep your nails healthy and in tip top shape.

This autumn why not try our 60-minute manicure, designed to beautifully shape your nails, nourish your cuticles and ensure strong nail growth for several weeks after the treatment.

As well as making it a priority to regularly book in for a Jessica Nails manicure and pedicure, our experts here at the Devonshire Spa highly recommend investing in a moisturiser that contains lactic acid to prevent nail breakage and keep your hands silky soft. The Jessica Hand and Body Moisturising Emulsion is an extra rich moisturising formula which conditions the skin and ensures complete softness all day long.

As well as a moisturiser, nail oil is the key to preventing your hands and nails becoming brittle and dry. Why not try Phenomen Oil from Jessica Cosmetics and make it a priority each night to spend five minutes massaging this magic potion into your cuticle beds. This luxurious product holds great healing and rehydrating properties which work to repair and nourish dry cuticles and promote strong nail growth. Not only is this great for your nail care routine, it is also excellent for elbows, feet, knees and any other rough, dry areas of skin that need intensive hydration too.

If you are looking for more or would like more information on the Jessica Nails packages and products we offer here at the Devonshire Spa, please call 01298 338408.