Some Like It Hot – Benefits of a Thermal Spa

Not everything you enjoy is bad for you.

If you’ve ever visited the award-winning Devonshire Spa, you’ll know just how relaxing it can be. From the ambient music playing softly in the background, the welcoming greeting from our friendly staff and the fantastic choice of spa therapies on offer, you can’t help but be transported to an oasis of calm. But the pièce de résistance? Our thermal spa.

Not just a great way to socialise with friends in-between treatments, our thermal spa facilities have a range of health benefits so they’ll leave you feeling invigorated and recharged after your visit. The dramatic changes in temperature – from heated therapy to ice therapy – is a sure-fire way to stimulate circulation, improve skin tone and appearance, and even boost your metabolism.


We recommend starting with the Reflexology Foot Baths. These hard-working jets will stimulate the pressure points on your feet whilst stimulating circulation and create an instant sense of relaxation. Set the temperature to your liking, then sit back and begin your thermal spa experience.

Dip Dip Hooray

After five minutes of divine foot therapy, we recommend a dip in the Hydrotherapy Pool. Warmer than a regular swimming pool, the water provides a soothing sensation for tired bodies, whilst the powerful jets provide welcome relief to any muscular aches and pains.

Singing in the Rain

Travel next to the Monsoon Shower. Set it to deliver an icy blast to cool you down, as well as to stimulate circulation and boost the appearance of your skin. These differences in temperature will also help to cleanse the skin, leaving it in peak condition to visit your next thermal spa facility.

The Heat is On

From the Monsoon Showers, take the short walk to the wood-lines, essence-filled sauna. The dry heat encourages perspiration to eliminate harmful toxins, leaving you with healthier, more radiant skin and cleansed pores.  Ensure you are well hydrated before entering the sauna by enjoying some of the complimentary fruit-infused waters and remember to only spend a short amount of time in there before leaving.

Ice Ice Baby

From the dry heat of the sauna, take a dramatic cool down with an ice bath. By rubbing ice chips over your skin, you’ll contract the blood vessels which provides a refreshing way to cool down and is an added boost to your circulation.

Full Steam Ahead

The Devonshire Spa’s traditional steam room is the next step in your journey. Offering a much more humid heat environment that the sauna, a steam room can help to soothe respiratory conditions such as coughs or breathing problems.*

We recommend spending no longer than 15 minutes in there and it’s important to remember to keep well hydrated, as sweating it out in a steam room can be very dehydrating.

Aroma Therapy

After a quick blast in the Monsoon Shower to cleanse your skin, why not head off to our chilled out Aroma Room? This is a much softer heat, and the darkened room with its therapeutic aromas and twinkling lights creates a soothing end to your thermal spa experience.

If this sounds good to you, why not take a look at our brand new Devonshire Spa Experience Day where you can make full use of our first class facilities. You’ll be free to use the Spa from 9 am – 5 pm with refreshments and a complimentary mezze lunch too – all for just £55. Take a closer look at it here or call to book on 01298 338408.


* If you suffer from any underlying medical condition, you should always seek your doctor’s approval on spa therapy in the first instance.