Scrub Up This Spring

With the warmer weather almost upon us and holiday season around the corner, it’s about now that many of us start to think about the appearance of our skin and the dreaded unveiling of our bodies after months of being kept under wraps over the winter months.

Exfoliation really is the best way to get your skin glowing again in no time and the easiest technique to start with at home is dry body brushing. Getting into the habit of performing this ritual each day will really boost your circulation and lymphatic system, sweeping away dead skin cells, helping to release toxins from the skin and achieving smoother skin.

Experts recommend dry skin brushing each morning before stepping into the shower, to fully benefit from the energising feeling that dry skin brushing brings. Alternatively, add a little body oil to the brush and use after your shower to add a nourishing boost.

If your skin still needs a little extra TLC, then the award-winning Devonshire Spa offers a wide range of luxurious treatments using industry-leading spa products to boost the appearance of dry, dull skin and ensure that your whole body looks and feels amazing.

The ishga skincare range is inspired by pure Hebridean waters and harnesses the natural anti-oxidant, healing and anti-ageing properties of the purest Scottish seaweed and combines with water from a natural spring, situated on the beautiful Isle of Lewis.

For those with troubled, sensitive skin types and anyone suffering with psoriasis and eczema, the ishga salt and oil scrub offers 30 minutes of complete body exfoliation using this luxurious organic product to gently exfoliate and buff away dull, dry skin to reveal fresh smooth skin. An ideal treatment specially designed to stimulate circulation and eliminate toxins, this divine therapy leaves your skin nourished and glowing with health.

The signature Devonshire Spa Hammam Scrub is designed to kick-start your body and boost its overall appearance as it revitalises and invigorates. A deep cleansing scrub smoothes away dead skin cells whilst moisturising properties leave your skin nourished and vibrant. This unique 30-minute therapy is carried out on our heated Hammam table to encourage the body to relax and completely unwind.

If you’re looking for a super- indulgent therapy, then look no further than the Caudalie Wine Lover ritual. Encompassing 90-minutes of sheer indulgence and relaxation, it’s perfect for anyone who wishes to unwind from the stresses and strains of daily life whilst enjoying one of our most luxurious exfoliation therapies. Inspired by revolutionary treatments and products derived in the vineyards of Bordeaux, a Crushed Cabernet Body Scrub is applied to the whole body whilst a soothing candle-lit massage with deep tissue techniques is used on the back to ease away stress and tension. This indulgent treatment concludes with a Caudalie Cranial Massage to calm your mind and ease away stresses and strains.

For skin in need of a summer detoxification, the Comfort Zone Himalayan Salt Scrub uses ancient techniques and rituals to release toxins and ease aches and pains using these precious stones. Himalayan salt stones are highly effective in relieving inflammation and when applied warm to the skin, provide relief from pain whilst stimulating the metabolism and restoring vitality and balance.

To book an exfoliating body treatment this Spring or for further information, please call 01298 338408 or visit here.