Let’s Hear It for the Boys

It’s not just ladies who spa, men do too!

However much wellness and grooming are seen as a female-only endeavour, realistically both men and women should be focusing on improving overall health, but only a tenth of the UK’s spa users are male.

Spas, being the epicentre of wellness and healing are unique, and offer a welcoming environment for both men and women to recharge their batteries, and indulge themselves in a range of therapies to restore tired bodies and minds. In Europe, spa’s clientele is a healthy mixture of both male and female guests, but the male population of the UK can sometimes seem more reserved when it comes to visiting a spa.

At the award-winning Devonshire Spa, we offer a select range of spa therapies which can be enjoyed by all, including the very popular [ comfort zone ] man space treatment (£60). This hour long active facial treatment is perfect for hard working, dry and dehydrated skin. If your day-to-day life means your skin is compromised by biological and environmental stressors, frequent flying, exposure to the sun or extreme weather conditions, this is the ideal treatment for you. Take time out to unwind in our therapeutic relaxation lounge before benefitting from this vigorous treatment, developed to heal the skin and mind.

And it’s not only the man zone treatment which is popular with the boys. There is a range of fantastic treatments and spa therapies which are enjoyed by our clientele of spa-loving men as well as women.

The ishga Invigorating Massage (£65) is an extremely effective and accurate treatment, designed to leave you feeling strong and refreshed. This medium pressure massage combines powerful detoxing seaweed body oil with lemongrass, juniper and rose geranium. Juniper possesses a number of uses, including being effective in releasing muscle tension, so it’s ideal for overworked and overtired muscles.

This treatment contrasts invigoration with relaxation to give you a unique spa experience, focusing on removing tensions to re-energize the body. Seaweed body oil regenerates, firms and tones the skin and is particularly useful for eliminating harmful toxins.

It’s never too late to start taking care of sun-damaged or ageing skin, and the [ comfort zone ] Skin Regimen Facial (£45) makes sure that skin is completely re-energised and prepped for future sun exposure. A great way to prepare for your next holiday.

Part of [ comfort zone’s ] skin regimen portfolio, this revolutionary facial offers immediate and visible results beyond those of a traditional facial. Active superfoods and high tech ingredients including alpha-hydroxy acid are maximised by specific Kabat massage techniques that offer a complete ‘gym for the skin’.  Skin is renewed, restored, toned and lifted, expression lines and wrinkles are softened and your skin is left with a fresh, more youthful and healthier dewy appearance.

If you would like to discuss your treatment with one of our experienced therapists, please call us on 01298 338408, or click here to view a full list of treatments.