Good for the (Aroma)Soul

With the festive season coming to an end and the weather due to get colder still over the winter months, it’s important to look after your skin to avoid it becoming dry and dull. Let [ comfort zone ]’s Aromasoul range nourish your skin with a range of essential oils and Shea Butter, leaving skin visibly smoother and brighter.

The aromatic Aromasoul range is designed to gently cleanse and refresh the look and feel of your skin with a range of natural oils. During use, the fragrance is released stimulating memories and emotions bringing feelings of relaxation and renewed energy. Immerse your senses in the uplifting scent of the Mediterranean while treating your skin to a nourishing body wash.

Aromasoul Mediterranean Body Cream

Created to nourish and protect your skin, Aromasoul Mediterranean Body Cream improves the skin’s vitality, and the soft fragrance evokes the warmth of the Mediterranean providing an instant mood boost. This luxurious body cream contains essential oils of basil, lemon and lavender, combined with Shea Butter, helping skin stay moisturised and feel reinvigorated in the cold weather. The essential oils work together to combat stress and ease tensions. Apply generously and massage into the body until absorbed for delicately nourished skin, soft to the touch.

Aromasoul Mediterranean Shower Gel

The soft Aromasoul Mediterranean Shower Gel is rich in essential oils which gently cleanse the skin, leaving it protected and revitalised. Packed with essential oils, the shower gel stimulates the skin cells to increase elasticity and softness. Apply daily as a delicate massage or with a sponge during your shower and rinse for an aromatic shower experience reminiscent of the Mediterranean.

AROMASOUL Mediterranean Candle and Spray

If the irresistible fragrance of the Mediterranean in your shower gel and body cream isn’t enough, the Aromasoul range from [ comfort zone ] also includes a candle and room spray. Based on Mediterranean lemon, juniper, sage and geranium, these home essentials help to create a relaxed environment, while the hints of citrus boost energy. It’s the perfect way to get a summer feeling all winter long.

We stock a range of [ comfort zone ] products here at the Devonshire Spa. If you’d like to find out more about the [ comfort zone ] Aromasoul products on offer at the Devonshire Spa simply call our friendly team on 01298 338408.