Get into your Comfort Zone

The Devonshire Spa’s ethos is to encourage guests to experience a sense of wellbeing with each visit and to consider the overall wellness of the mind and body as a whole.

This ethos was complemented perfectly with the recent arrival of new luxury Italian Spa and beauty brand [ comfort zone ].

Established in Parma, Italy in 1996, [ comfort zone ] has grown into an internationally successful spa brand with a diverse range of product and treatment offerings.

Developed by Dr. Davide Bollati, a pharmacist, cosmetic chemist and pioneer in the field of beauty, his innovative approach to skincare and anti-ageing has seen the [comfort zone] brand become available across 67 countries across the world.

With its range of powerful products, treatments and rituals, [ comfort zone ] offers a unique, holistic approach combined with the latest scientific research to deliver the highest quality natural ingredients to treat the body as a whole, and promote a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.

Representing a complete system of care for the skin, body, and soul, the brand’s ethos is to work from the inside out and from the outside in to improve the human condition, using advanced science-based solutions to visibly improve skin, body and mind.

Why not see for yourself by booking one of the Devonshire Spa’s most popular [ comfort zone ] therapies?


Comfort Zone Tranquillity Aromatic Nourishing System

The Tranquillity collection is ideal for those feeling worn out or stressed, or for those who experience sleep problems. The range includes aromatic and nourishing bath and body products to help you manage stress, calm the mind and help provide a sense of profound tranquility and wellbeing.

One of the key products within the range is the aromatic oil blend, which includes natural ingredients and essential oils to use on its own – simply dot it on the temples or add to other body products within [ comfort zone ] the range. We like to add a drop or two to our pillow at night, which makes for a very restful night’s sleep indeed!

Comfort Zone Skin Regimen Ritual

If you’re looking for a treatment that offers immediate and visible results to your skin, then look no further than this revolutionary therapy available at the Devonshire Spa.

This highly-effective, one-hour treatment combines intensive exfoliation using products with alpha-hydroxy acids which are incredible for softening lines and wrinkles whilst improving the overall freshness of the skin.

Using specific Kabat massage techniques to offer a complete ‘gym for the skin,’ our therapists use the natural reflexes of the receiver to assist in relaxation by incorporating stretching, resistance and manual pressure to help improve muscle strength, stability, mobility and coordination.

A wonderful treat for the mind, body and soul, this therapy ensures that the senses are stimulated and the receiver feels a greater sense of awareness and connection to the body through the mind. 

Comfort Zone Deep Sleep

If you’re one of the 36% of UK workers struggling to get between 7 and 9 hours sleep per night, then you may benefit from this deep sleep therapy treatment that’s designed to get you back on track to enjoying that much needed deep sleep again.

Using an innovative massage technique acting on three different sensorial pathways – smell, touch and hearing – the deep sleep massage therapy is designed to create a feeling of profound relaxation.

Using accompanying aromatherapy oils and relaxing music to offer a sense of calm, this wonderful 150 minute treatment will have you sleeping like a baby and feeling ready for a full night’s sleep.


To discover the [ comfort zone ] products and treatments for yourself, call the Devonshire Spa on 01298 338408, or click here for more information.