Flying High

With holiday season in full swing, many of you will be jetting off to enjoy a sun-drenched week or more in the sun, so it’s a good time to start packing those holiday essentials for the flight to ensure that you arrive at your destination looking and feeling fresh.

Flying is incredibly dehydrating for the skin and can really take its toll on your complexion and energy levels, leaving you looking tired and drained.

Luckily help is at hand with our simple top tips to try during your flight from our expert Spa team here at the Devonshire Spa…



Top of the list is water and whilst drinking lots is recommended during your flight, it’s not ideal to be making half-hourly trips to the bathroom! The best solution that all frequent flyers swear by is a facial water spray. Not only is this incredibly invigorating but it also refreshes your make-up and boosts hydration levels. Spa Manager Sian Jones recommends the 100% natural Grape Water from Caudalie to soothe and refresh. It comes in a handy travel size spray bottle and with no artificial ingredients, it’s perfect for sensitive skin types in particular.


Eye Cream & Drops

Your eyes can feel dry during the flight so pack some eye drops to add sparkle and dot a nourishing eye cream under and around your eyes at regular intervals to prevent creases and dryness. Spa Manager Sian Jones swears by the Rejuvenating Eye Balm by ishga. Containing a cucumber extract to cool and soothe puffy eyes, plus a blend of sandalwood, rose hip and geranium to add hydration, this sublime solution helps to keep sensitive eye skin well hydrated.


Moisturising Mask

Use a deeply hydrating mask such as Caudalie’s Moisturising Mask to retain your skin’s moisture during your flight. This can be applied at the beginning of the flight and removed with a tissue after 15 minutes, or simply let it soak in to offer a moisture bomb for your skin. Alternatively, Caudalie’s Skin Quenching Serum, described as a ‘moisturising bubble’ for the skin, captures water and continually diffuses moisture to the skin for intense hydration. Apply before, during and after the flight for continuous hydration.


BB Cream

Whilst we always recommend clean skin for flying, if you must wear make-up, then ditch the heavy foundation and let your skin breathe by applying a lighter coverage product such as a tinted moisturiser or BB cream such as Skin Loving BB Cream from Mii Cosmetics. This way you don’t have to go bare skinned but your skin can still breathe. Simply top up at the end of your flight and add a little eye pencil, blusher and lip gloss for a pretty natural look.


Hair Oil

Nourish your hair before and during the flight with hair oil to reduce frizz and keep your tresses looking lovely and shiny.


Homeward Bound

If you’re a frequent long-haul flyer, you may struggle to get back into a regular sleep pattern. One way to combat this is with a stress-busting massage and the Comfort Zone Deep Sleep ritual incorporates Pro-Sleep Tranquillity therapy to help soothe, relax and allow the body to fully unwind and get back into a natural rhythm.

To book the Comfort Zone Deep Sleep therapy or find out more about our pre-holiday treatments, please call the Devonshire Spa on 01298 338408 or click here for further details.