Beauty Secrets from the Experts

Shhh! Don’t tell everybody.

Here at the Devonshire Spa, we’re blessed to be able to offer spa therapies and products from industry leading spa brands. Seriously – these guys know their stuff. In fact, they’re the ones we turn to for advice, so we thought it was only fair to share their expert knowledge with you too.

We asked them for their best-kept beauty tips and star products, plus advice on how they keep on looking fabulous day after day. Here’s what they had to say:


What’s your biggest beauty gripe and how do you combat it?

Tracy Brasenell, National Sales Manager – Caudalie UK & Ireland: Pollution. Now that people are working longer and harder in the current economic climate we’re more exposed to the harmful effects of pollution which causes havoc with the skin. For example, four out of five wrinkles are caused by oxidation. Fortunately, the VineActiv Glow-Activating Anti-Wrinkle Serum is clinically proven to block 80% of wrinkles caused by pollution so I always have this product close by.

Gemma Lea, [comfort zone] UK National Training Manager: Keeping the skin looking bright and hydrated is tough when on the road or in the air a lot. The environment around us has a huge impact on the feel and appearance of the skin and constantly being in different environments takes its toll. To repair and regenerate the skin from such causes of dehydration and dullness on the skin I love love love our Hydramemory Range. It is as light as a toner but as powerful as a serum – an extra step to boost hydration, replenish lost moisture and make the skin glow again as beautiful skin should.

Natalie Rodgers, Head of Training & Account Support for ishga organic skincare: My biggest gripe is probably the changing conditions of skin where it’s sometimes difficult to ensure you have enough products in your skincare regime to use efficiently. For example, everyone has a skin ‘type’ wither it be oily, dry, sensitive,  but this can change due to factors such as hormones, medication, weather, stress levels. Often people with oily skin will over wash confusing the skin stripping away the natural oil and has a result it can then produce even more sebum resulting in breakouts. Sometimes those with dry skin can suddenly become sensitive due to hormone change or diet and by continuing to use the same product they won’t get the best results.

To combat this I use a ‘capsule wardrobe’ of skincare and go off how my skin feels on a daily basis. ishga’s Regenerating Face Serum is perfect for this as it suits all skin types, and due to its high percentage of organic seaweed has the ability to treat many conditions all at once such as dehydration, acne, itchy flaky skin and fine lines.

What spa treatment do you never tire of?

Natalie: The ishga Seaweed Body Wrap as it leaves the skin glowing, smooth and smelling great. It’s perfect for all seasons: just before beach holidays to prepare the skin, to post-Christmas or winter time to detox, remove sluggish toxins and leave you feeling cleansed from the inside.

Gemma: The Sublime Skin Deluxe Lift is the ultimate for pure indulgence but also achieving amazing lifting, sculpting, resurfacing and plumping results. The treatment works on resurfacing the skin using our double peel method which involves using AHAs and PHAs. We then have our Active lift massage to lift, drain and firm the skin, followed by a beautiful lifting eye mask and setting rubber mask for the face which can even be used over the lips to plump! Within this treatment, you also have your hands and arms, feet and scalp massaged so you feel relaxed from head to toe.

Tracy: I love the Caudalie VineActiv Facial. It’s exceptional and works in two ways to help protect and repair the skin, which in turn increases the cellular lifespan giving you a healthy, younger-looking complexion.

What’s your best kept ‘non-product’ beauty secret?

Tracy: Reducing the light on your phones, laptops, iPads etc, as the intense light can cause harm to the skin. We spend that long on them during the day, at work and at home, that we’re constantly exposed to it. Even lowering it just a little will help prevent future damage.

Natalie: Without a doubt, it has to be food and your diet. We can put as many oils and creams on our face as we like but if we are eating daily fatty or high sugar foods with no fruit or veg at all the first place it will show is on our skin. As most of us know, our skin is the largest detox elimination organ and without any nourishment within it will remain dull, grey, dehydrated or prone to breakouts and wrinkles – whatever our issue is. Just a few simple changes like adding more veg, cutting down on the sugar and drinking plenty water is the most simple secret.

Gemma: Getting a good night’s sleep is a must for healthy glowing skin. The skin repairs and regenerates itself most during midnight and 4 am so if we don’t get enough shut-eye our skin can really be affected by this. Hence why we call it ‘Beauty Sleep’.

What is your favourite ever beauty product and why?

Gemma: It is very hard to pick just one product when we have so many beautiful ones. If I really had to pick one it would be our Tranquillity Bath and Body Oil, soaking in a nice warm milky bath with our signature aroma surrounding you is just pure bliss at the end of a long day. Or if you are short on time, it can be applied directly onto damp skin which leaves you feeling silky soft and nourished from the Amaranth base oil. We have a whole line in our signature Tranquillity aroma so wherever I am in the world, it comes with me in some way or another!

Tracy: The Caudalie VineActiv 3-in-1 Moisturiser. It has exceptionally good properties at preventing pollution sticking to the skin, thus penetrating into the deeper tissues whilst offering up to 8-hours of anti-pollution protection.

Natalie: ishga Nourishing Face Oil. I use it daily both morning and night and the fresh scent of rose geranium really balances me and my skin has dramatically improved since using it. After struggling with adult acne for a time I was reluctant to use an oil based product but with sweet almond, thistle and jojoba oil I know I am nourishing my skin with quality ingredients and without clogging my pores. A few drops before bed helps to relax and ground you for a good night’s sleep ahead.

If you would like to discuss any of these treatments or talk to us about your beauty gripes and how we can help combat them, please get in touch with us on 01298 338408.