A Helping Hand from Jessica Nails Phenomen Oil

Your hands are often the first places to show signs of ageing. The stresses of everyday life can take a toll on your hands, working constantly and rarely getting a break, it’s time to show your hands a little love.

 Your hands go through a lot each day; constant exposure to dirt, chemicals and other germs can put a lot of strain on the delicate skin around your hands. It’s important to keep your hands clean and healthy, and here at the Devonshire Spa we know that choosing the right products for hand health can be difficult.

Jessica Nails Phenomen Oil is a healing and rehydrating cuticle oil, which is also perfect for those rougher areas of the body. The rich moisturizing properties mean that it can be used on your elbows, feet and knees to help restore and lock in moisture.

Look after your hands by ensuring you wash them thoroughly after coming into contact with germs. Cleaning your nails with a nailbrush can also be beneficial to rid your nails of dirt build-up and bacteria. The Jessica Nails Phenomen Oil should be applied to the cuticles of your nails once clean and massaged in so that the whole nail bed is covered. Key ingredients such as Vitamin E and jojoba oil help to promote nail growth and ensure your nails are completely nourished!

Gently massaging your hands once or twice a day helps to promote blood flow and prevent cramp. The Jessica Nails Phenomen Oil can be used on the palm of your hands and is great for those hands lacking a little extra moisture. Use a small amount of the oil and massage gently into the palm of your hand. Create firm, circular movements to help stimulate circulation and leave your hands feeling silky smooth!

For more information on the Jessica Nails Phenomen Oil, or the Jessica Nails treatments we offer, call the Spa today on 01298 338408.